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Hanshi Anthony (Tony)Sandoval studied under Hohan Soken as well as many of Okinawa’s best and most noted Teachers including Chosin Chibana, Shugero Nakamura, Arakaki and many others. Hanshi Sandoval holds Master Certifications from many of Okinawa's greatest Martial Arts Masters.
Hanshi Sandoval formed the America's Hakutsuru System in 1989 and is President of the "Sandoval Karate Kobudo (Weapons) Federation" an organization of Martial Artists from around the world.
He has been featured in "Black Belt Magazine" and "Asian World Martial Arts" magazine and a multi time member of many Martial Arts Hall of Fame Organizations.
Hanshi Sandoval is considered the "Father of American Hakutsuru". He was an active tournament competitor in Kata (Forms), Weapons, and Kumite (fighting), winning many National and International Championships of which the most prestigious are his winning of the World Silver Cup tournament in 1980 in Culver City, California, and winning the World Asian Arts Championships in 1972, in Tokyo, Japan.
Hanshi Sandoval brings knowledge of decades of research in Martial Arts while living and studying in Okinawa, China and Japan.
Hanshi Sandoval retired from the US Marine Corps in 1990 after 30 years of service. While on active duty he held various Law Enforcement and Leadership roles. We thank him for his service and sacrifice to our country
Hanshi John Cox is a direct student of Hanshi Tony Sandoval for over 30 years and holds a Hachi Dan (8th Dan and is the Kentucky Director of the Sandoval Karate Federation. Kyoshi graduated from Marion County High School in 1981 in Lebanon, KY. Kyoshi received an Associate Mechanical Degree from Lincoln Technical Institute in 1982. He chose Aviation as a career and holds Commercial, Flight Instructor, and Advanced Pilot Certificate Ratings as well as ratings as an Aviation Maintenance Technician. In 1996 Kyoshi Cox chose to provide his experience and knowledge of Aviation to promote safety of the public and became an employee of the Federal Aviation Administration as an Aviation Safety Inspector and Air Safety Investigator. He lives in Lebanon with his wife Terri, and two children, John Anthony and Christine
Like everything else at JCMA, the title Instructor is earned. Instructors must endure rigorous physical and mental training as well as demonstrate true professional knowledge of the art as well as truly exhibit the ideas and mission of JCMA
Tony Ballard - SANDAN (3rd degree Black Belt) Instructor
Tony has studied Martial Arts at JCMA for over 20 years, starting when he was 10 years old. He currently lives in Louisville and works in IT with public safety systems.
Cody Farmer- (2nd. Degree Black Belt)- Chief Instructor

A certified Middle School teacher with a degree from Campbellsville University, Cody has taught thousands of hours through the school system, church, and JCMA martial arts. Cody is the Chief Instructor for the JCMA Young Adult classes and is the JCMA Program Director. With a passion for educating and for helping others, Cody always seeks to stay on the cutting edge of fitness, nutrition, and human performance so he can best serve his community
John Anthony Cox- Nidan (2nd. degree Black Belt) Instructor
John Anthony has studied Martial Arts over 20 years and is currently attending Purdue University majoring in Aviation Engineering and Unmanned Aerial Systems, where he also continues his Martial Arts studies in Aikido and Gojo-Ryu.
Daniel Keylock - 1st. Kyu Brown Belt - Instructor
Daniel is an Instructor at JCMA and is an accomplished Martial Artist and teaches physical fitness during the classes and assist the Instructors in teaching application and kata during the young adult classes
Carly Clark - Assistant Instructor. Carly assist all the Instructors at JCMA and is an accomplished Martial Artist and teaches physical fitness during the classes and assist the Instructors in teaching application and kata during the young adult classes.